Sunday, October 14, 2012

Always my inspiration!

It's not everyday that I get an opportunity to publicly brag on my Mom and Dad, but when I think about how much they inspire me, well, TODAY seemed like a great day to tell you!

Here's a picture of them from this summer -

We were celebrating Mom's 82nd birthday at a very cool restaurant called Haven in Oakland, CA.  Speaking of cool, have you EVER seen this type of decorative treatment in a bathroom sink?
I have no idea - maybe to help with splashing?  Certainly an attention getter!

Dad is 86 years old and have they lived in the same house for over 40 years in Moraga, CA.   They remain incredibly active in the community and participate in exercise classes three days a week.  There is a mandatory three mile walk each morning for my Dad - this helps him keep his energy up for all the different singing groups he belongs to.  He's the sole driver in the family now - Mom has macular degeneration, but she still cooks and does the laundry.  What a wonderful group of friends they have!

On our last visit, we shared a glass of wine (or two - make that three) in the backyard gazebo and enjoyed this snack.  The napkin gives you an idea of their sense of humor:

And how enchanting was this to see?

Several families of quail come back each year.  Just delightful!

My parents have been such great examples to me.  Some of what not to do, but mostly of how to live life to the fullest.  I think I come from pretty good stock!  Love you Mom and Dad!

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  1. From the youngest in the family, I totally agree! Mom and Dad set the example for us kids. I can only hope that I live such a full life. Love you Mom and Dad!


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